New Album Highlights

2017 | 13 songs, 59 min

  1. H.O x TK Bands Shots Fired
  2. TK Bands – Real One
  3. TK Bands – Love Me
  4. TK Bands Featuring Don Q – 9 Spit
  5. TK Bands Featuring Uncle Murda – Never Heard Of
  6. TK Bands Featuring Teflon Da Don Never Love a Hoe
  7. TK Bands Featuring El Yman – Brooklyn a Road
  8. TK Bands Featuring Jay Critch & Pyrexx – I Got Time
  9. TK Bands Featuring Pyrexx x Drew Bands – Bands Freestyle
  10. TK Bands Featuring Drew Bands – Racks
  11. TK Bands Featuring Method Man – Brooklyn Nigga
  12. TK Bands Featuring ABG Neal & Drew Bands – On The Move
  13. TK Bands Featuring Armesha & Lite Fortunato – Bossed Up
  14. TK Bands – Freestyle X 50 Cent Many Men
  15. TK Bands – No Sleep
  16. TK Bands – You Already Know
  17. TK Bands Featuring Drew Bands – Holla If You Need That Work

TK Bands

Transgender Artist of the Year

by TK BANDS, 2017 | 7 songs, 25 mins

Available Now:

As a rapper I tried on all these hats, these voices, these clothes, and evidently out came me.

from Rollingstone Interview

ALBUM OF THE YEAR is an album with no resolution, driven by what might be the boldest statements MC has ever made – the suggestion that he could, in spite of every dollar, every win, and all of his promise, still slip through our fingers and disappear.

TK Bands

In one year, that number multiplied by several million as my future toured the world of creativity. Every show opened with my songs until the surprise was sucked out of “Danm the mask I want the hoe to know it’s me.” The rest was the history.

TK Bands

I'm a writer first and
a rapper second

from VICE Interview

2017 tour dates

16 countries, 33 concerts
ALBUM OF THE YEAR is an album with no resolution!
KeyBank Center
Pre-sale 20th June – Local Time
Bell Centre
On sale 11am 2nd August
Staples Center
Pre-sale 00.01am Fri, 10th July

I love rapping. It makes me feel good. It's like a release, especially when I'm rapping soul music.

from Billboard interview
TK Bands

merchandise coming soon

TK Bands


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